"Citizen Science, You, and Your Device!" - The Influential Parent Podcast ep. 17

 Are you looking for a way to use your (& your child's) device to CONTRIBUTE to the internet, not just consume content? (And no, we won't be telling you to make a TikTok video!) Dr. Ed Emmer, our local Science Superhero, joins us this week as we talk about Citizen Science and ways for you and your family to use your devices to contribute to scientific endeavors around the globe... from where ever you happen to be!

You can reach Dr. Emmer by email at: eemmer@richland2.org

Resources from our episode:

CoCoRaHS - "Citizen Scientists working together to measure precipitation across the nation!"

NASA Globe Observer - "A citizen science app allowing volunteers to take observations and contribute to the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) community!"

Great Backyard Bird Count - "Spend time in your favorite places watching birds - then tell us about them! In as little as 15 minutes notice the birds around you. Identify them, count them, and submit them to help scientists better understand and protect birds around the world."

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - "Citizen Science allows you to contribute to science no matter where you are. Whether by asking questions, reporting observations, conducting experiments, collecting data, or developing low-cost technologies and open-source code, you and other members of the public can use your talents to help advance scientific knowledge. Learn about current USGS and partner Citizen Science opportunities."


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