4 Podcasts That I'm Loving This Month


If you're like me, you're learning to enjoy learning on the go. For a few years now, I've been building my library of podcast subscriptions. I listen, pause, and capture audio notes on my phone as I'm digesting the content. Below are a few podcasts that I have favored on my podcast platforms. I hope these serve as new additions to your professional learning library. 

Cult of Pedagogy Podcast:

Target Audience: Any Educator

Average Listening Time: 20-30 mins.

Former classroom teacher Jennifer Gonzalez has been discussing trends in education, instructional practices, and educational technology for 10 years. Many times accompanied by a guest educator expert, Gonzalez dives into conversations about practical takeaways. Her topics are applicable in any content area and focused on strong pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. When accessing the podcasts online, listeners have access to the written transcript.

Bright Morning Podcast

Target Audience: Inspiring Coaches, Coaches in the field

Average Listening Time: 30-45 mins.

Elena Aguilar, best-selling author, and coaching expert is a household name when it comes to effective approaches to transformational coaching. I often reference her books The Art of Coaching and Coaching for Equity when it comes to working with other coaches or classroom teachers. Aguilar takes on heavy topics such as resistance in coaching, coaching emotions, and educator wellness. She holds listeners accountable with actionable steps in each episode. Be prepared to be challenged to grow!

Influential Parent Podcast

Target Audience: Parents

Average Listening Time: 20-30 mins.

Debuting in 2022, this bi-monthly podcast is one of a kind for those who are parenting in the digital age. Educators Amanda Blake and Nichole Porter engage in conversations that bring awareness to all things tech for children of all ages. The pair share their own personal experiences and invite guests, sometimes students, to share their perspectives. Recently, they’ve touched on Roblox and cyberbullying. The style of this podcast is designed in a way that makes listeners feel as though they are a part of the conversation. 

The House of Edtech

Target Audience: Any Educator

Average Listening Time:40-60 mins.


Launched in 2014, Chris Nesi has been discussing ways to integrate technology in the classroom. He’s on it with the trends! He often features experts from the field of #edtech to discuss the most relevant topics.  The show’s format starts with a little #edtech thought (reflection),#edtech recommendation (try this cool thing), featured content (educational topics up for discussion), and #edtech VIP (spotlight an educator). Chris presents his content in ways that pique your curiosity to extend your conversation. The topics are well-rounded for the expert to the novice. His latest episode discusses how to elevate your teaching with artificial intelligence like Chat GPT.


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