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ClassFlow: The One Stop Shot for Engaging and Effective Direct Instruction

Regardless of how much technology exists in a classroom, sometimes there’s just no substitute for direct instruction.  That being said, technology in the hands of students and direct instruction do not have to be in conflict with one another.  In fact, using the platform explained in this blog post, you may be come to believe that every time you give a lecture, you WANT your students on their devices interacting with your instruction.  Let me explain… ClassFlow is a lesson delivery software specifically designed for 1:1 classrooms.  This software is web-based, meaning it doesn’t need to be installed on any computer and it works with any kind of projector, monitor, or interactive display - students and teachers just log in with Google.  It includes features for engagement including draggable questions, polls, interactive whiteboards, and more.  It even will accept your SMART Notebook files and convert them into interactive lessons!   I know the description above doesn’

Khan Academy to support student learning

Technology is one of the best tools for allowing teachers to successful differentiate.  It can streamline the process in distributing different work to different students and using artificial intelligence, technology platforms can even create personalized learning pathways to supplement the classroom instruction kids receive. Khan Academy knows this and that’s why they offer amazing, free resources to support anytime, anywhere access to high-quality learning materials.  Teachers have been using Khan Academy to provide extra support to students, a different perspective to teaching a topic through utilizing their instructional videos, and the practice problems for years.  Khan Academy also offers two options, one for younger and one for older students, that allow highly personalized pathways for learning through the use of MAP and SAT/ACT scores. Khan Academy Mappers This learning pathway generates personalized video and problem sets b