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Jumping into Google Apps / GSuite

If you are new to Google Apps you may feel like you have a lot of learning to do in order to master all the capabilities of G Suite for education.  There’s good news, though!  First, Google Apps are intuitive and very similar to one another so once you’ve mastered one application, you’ll pick the rest up in no time.  Second, there are multiple opportunities to to brush up on your skills.   Be sure to reach out to your school’s Technology and Learning Coach (TLC) to learn about professional learning sessions on G Suite.   If you prefer to learn on your own, here are a few online learning modules that will help you get to know Google Apps quickly: Google for Education Training Center G Suite Learning Center Switching from Microsoft GCF Learn Free Lynda.Com Free courses with your Richland County Library Card
Keeping in frequent communication with parents often can be a critical factor in ensuring the success of a child in a class.  Teachers and parents may want to communicate about grades, behavior, or simply about the goings-on in class.  Technology makes building and sustaining these lines of communication easy and manageable for teachers and parents.  This blog post will outline some communication ideas that you may want to consider as you kick off this school year. There are some apps that make communication easy.   Remind .  According to  One of the biggest benefits is the ability to send immediate, up-to-date information to anyone (that is, anyone with a text-message-capable mobile phone). Teachers can send messages and updates to an entire class (or a group of classes), and the app offers more opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to interact, whether in groups or privately. ClassDojo is another app that has the added feature of an embedded