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VoiceThread... Continued!

 Putting the Google Slides you already have into VoiceThread to increase student engagement! Last month Brian Heyward shared great information and research about the benefits of using VoiceThread in your classroom. But wait… you don’t have to start from scratch! you can import the great Google Slide decks you have already created? It’s as easy as…

DyKnow for Teachers (in MobileMind!)

  Most teachers had the opportunity to explore MobileMind during Richland 2 in-service days. This month we are highlighting the DyKnow courses offered in MobileMind. What is DyKnow? DyKnow is a district-paid-for resource to help teachers manage and engage students in a 1:1 classroom. From the teacher side of DyKnow you can: monitor student usage (and get reports, too!), create blocking plans to help students stay on task, and even ask students check-in questions that magically appear right on their screen!  Three courses to check out on MobileMind include:

Power Up Your Classroom With WeVideo Classroom!

  Since its release in January 2022, we've seen numerous ways that WeVideo Classroom Editor has shown ways that it can support intrinsic motivation in our students. As we are looking to move beyond compliance to engagement in our classrooms, consider these 6 Intrinsic Motivators to Power up Your Teaching as written by Mike Anderson. Below, you’ll see a summary of the 6 Motivators, but you can access the entire article here . With access to the new WeVideo Classroom, teachers can utilize this tool, along with best practices, to power up student motivation. Autonomy We often hear students should have voice and choice, but I’d venture to include “informed” choices. These informed choices come about by students being aware of how they learn best, thus making the decision to demonstrate their learning in a way that works best for them. This could include product creation through the use of multimedia tools such as WeVideo. Belonging Simply grouping students is not enough to foster true

Increase Student Engagement and Motivation with Choice Boards

Are  you struggling with getting students to complete classwork or homework? Maybe you are struggling with grading the same assignment 25+ times. Have you considered providing your students a choice in how they engage with the content and demonstrate their understanding? A simple way to provide students with an opportunity to make a choice in their own learning is with a choice board. What are Choice Boards? In a nutshell, it is a board comprised of squares that allow students some choice in their learning. Each square lists an activity students can complete, whether it is a concept or skill. This differentiated approach allows students to learn content or demonstrate their understanding in a way that interests them. Choice boards can be used in any subject and offer a variety of learning contexts for all learners. What are the benefits of using Choice Boards? Choice boards allow students to make their own choices, increasing intrinsic motivation. I am sure you are more motivated to l