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Stream Now With SCETV Resources

       It’s that time of year where you are looking for additional media content to add to your direct or blended instruction. We (re)introduce to you SCETV Streaming Resources and the best thing about these resources is that they are all completely free.  Know It All Since 1999, this interactive web based media has been frequently adding South Carolina based content. The site provides 21st century educational experiences for K-12 educators and students with content that can be searched by the South Carolina State Standards or by grade level. Some of the most popular series are Artopia for visual and performing arts and GullahNet that shares experiences of the Gullah culture. If you’re looking for content and resources to support upcoming events or celebrations, Knowitall has a blog that includes links to resources inside of their site to support your topic . PBS Learning Maintained by SCETV and PBS Media, PBS Lear

Let's Talk Digital Procedures!

In a time-honored “beginning of the year tradition,” teachers are going to start the year off going over classroom rules, procedures, and expectations for the year. They will cover everything from bathroom passes, sharpening pencils, turning in assignments, entering and exiting the classroom along with many other expectations.  How much time will classroom teachers spend talking about their digital expectations for students? With schools moving to a 1:1 environment and more and more students showing up with cell phones, it is time to spend just as much time on students' online behavior as you do on their physical actions.  As the teacher, you establish the culture of your classroom with high expectations for student behavior and student to student interactions, both online and face-to-face.   Because accessing devices for learning is an integral part of teaching and learning in Richland 2, it is important that conversations about behavior and consequences happen between t

New and Revised Curriculum for Digital Citizenship

Image One of the critical areas we, as educators, focus on daily with our students is being a responsible citizen in our society. We work on building character skills on a daily basis in various ways, whether it is circle time/morning meeting, community building activities or reteaching those quick lessons when students need a “refresher” on those good habits of mind. The question is, how do you implement the learning required for students to be responsible “digital” citizens? So you know where to start? Common Sense Media has recently released some new and revised lesson plans that are FREE and completely ready to use. Here are some highlights of what you can find on their website: Lessons are organized based on revised topics under the big umbrella of “Digital Citizenship” . This list also reflects the new “scope & sequence” where the first topic is more general, progressing to a more complex topic.