Chat GPT- Your New Personal Assistant

What if I told you that within seconds, you could have a well-written speech, have directions on how to fix your leaky sink, or even generate a personalized workout plan? All of these things are just a small part of what can be done with Chat GPT, and it is revolutionizing how we approach everyday tasks and even the type of work we assign to our students as educators.

Chat GPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) phenomenon that emerged on the scene in November 2022. Users can type in a question and the chatbot will generate a personalized, human-like response to your question. It stands in its own category by itself, for now. Though most people utilize AI through technology like Alexa, Siri, website chat box assistants, and even that autocorrect feature that you so frequently enjoy when typing text.

However, Chat GPT is a little different from these tools. It is chartering new territory and causing everyone, especially teachers, to pay attention to just what it can do.

Since its arrival, it seems as though there was an immediate hum of conversation in the education community. What exactly should teachers know about Chat GPT? I simply went to the site, typed in that exact question, and it responded with:
Did you catch that last line? It's important to consider that this tool may make some errors so be mindful of that. 

The conversation about ways that Chat GPT could impact student learning is extensive, however, I’d like to focus this discussion on the many ways that it could help educators perform everyday tasks. What are the things that you do daily that could be automated through this tool? How could it be used to free up your time from mundane tasks that will, in turn, provide more time for student or peer interactions? Teachers across the world are sharing ideas such as:

  • Drafting emails

  • Story prompt generators

  • Speech writing

  • Customized activities for individual learners

  • Social media/ newsletter posts

  • Email responses

  • Providing recommendations 

  • Language Translation

  • Generate step-by-step instructions

  • General advice

Of course, I asked Chat GPT to see what it would say, and here was the response:

Try it out for yourself. Visit the website and sign up to create an account. Ask it a question. Then repeat the same question again. You'll see that it generates a new response each time you repeat a question. 

I encourage you to do some further research on your own. The conversation about ways that students can use Chat GPT is growing. Next month, I'll dive into more about how Chat GPT can be used for student learning and strategies on how educators can utilize this as a springboard for student engagement.

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