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Digital Citizenship Part 2 -Privacy and Security

Do you know the difference between private information and personal information that is safe to publish on the internet? Private information includes your name, address, telephone number, email, and age. This information can be used to steal your money, access personal accounts or even open new credit cards using your identity. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Personal information pertains to a favorite food, hobby or college football team. This information cannot be used to access your private accounts. Being aware of digital security and practicing responsible online habits protects yourself from digital threats, such as spam, viruses, identity theft and hacking. How does digital security relate to a lesson within your unit? It may not necessarily “fit in” until you see something that sparks the conversation. It reminds of t hose impromptu mini lessons that teachers often have when they see a pattern or an activity that warrants a quick lesson. The tips I list for you are conversatio