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5 ways to use WeVideo in your classroom

Richland Two purchases full student and teacher subscriptions to WeVideo, a cloud-based online video editing software.  You may be thinking video editing doesn’t quite work in your content area if you don’t teach a computer-related content but that’s not the case at all!  Check out five ways you and your students can use WeVideo in your classroom.  Remember, to login and access your full subscription mode, just click “Log In with Google” and sign in with your Richland 2 email account. Teachers, make your lecture digital!   Simply turn on WeVideo’s screen capture feature, present your slide deck on your device, and begin talking!  Give your lecture exactly how you would in class - no need to even worry about sounding perfect (after all, we all make mistakes when we are teaching ‘live’ in front of our kids).  The power of this strategy comes in after producing your video because kids can watch the video multiple times at their own pace,  access the video after class hours,  revi