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Supporting Language Development With Our Preschoolers: The Influential Parent Podcast Episode 26

In this episode, we switch gears a bit and talk about our real little ones, specifically supporting language development with preschool-age kids. We have a special guest, Michelle Jordan, who works with this age group in our school district. She shares an overview of the current data regarding preschoolers Post-COVID and why oral language is so critical for our kids. Listen in and learn some strategies and routines you can build at home to support pre-literacy skills. Check out the website for some activities and resources you can use to support good speech, language, and communication skills at home. ⁠ Speech & Language Activities

Animating Imagination: Unleashing the Magic of Stop-Motion - The Influential Parent Podcast Episode 25

We continue our summer series with some stop-motion action. Get ready for a wild ride into the world of stop-motion videos, where ordinary objects come to life and imagination knows no limits. It's like playing director with your favorite toys, creating a mini-movie masterpiece right at your fingertips.  Check out Education App Store for the apps discussed in this podcast. ⁠ Lego Movie Maker ⁠ Stop Motion Studio ⁠ I Can Animate Check out Common Sense Media Parent Guides to: Lego Super Hero Movie Maker ⁠ Stop Motion Studio ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Geocaching: A First Timer's Experience - The Influential Parent Podcast Episode 23

In our last episode, we shared Amanda's experience with Geocaching and we went in depth about this fun, outdoor treasure hunt. This episode continues the conversation with a special guest, Tasia, who embarked on her very first geocaching experience with us. Listen in to hear another perspective as she shares insights on our recent adventure.

Geocaching: A Fun Outdoor Activity for the Family - The Influential Parent Podcast Episode 22

Our 2nd episode in our summer series is about Geocaching. Geocaching offers a unique way to explore the outdoors, discover hidden places, and engage in a worldwide treasure hunt. It appeals to people of all ages and abilities, from families seeking outdoor adventures to seasoned adventurers looking for a new challenge. The activity promotes physical activity, problem-solving, and navigation skills while fostering a sense of community among geocachers. Listen to this episode as we discuss what it is and enjoy listening to Amanda's first experience with Geocaching. New to Geocaching? Here is a link for more information and to download the app on your phone.

"Social Media Tips for Your Teenagers" - The Influential Parent Podcast Episode 20

Social Media is becoming more and more popular among our teenagers. We are also more aware of the mental impacts of Social Media on teens. This episode shares some guidelines and basic rules to help you teach your child how to use social media responsibly and safely. This episode is appropriate if your teen is already using Social Media or is getting started. Resources discussed in this episode:

"Can Minecraft be More Than Just a Game?" - The Influential Parent Podcast ep. 18

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Tim Swick, The Computer Immersion Magnet Lead at Sandlapper Elementary School. He shares how his teachers and students have used the popular game, Minecraft, in school. Using Minecraft Education in the classroom has engaged students in learning and building future-ready skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, and systems thinking. It is pretty interesting to hear just how much our children are learning through "play." See below for more information about the school or contact Dr. Swick. Sandlapper Elementary School Dr. Tim Swick   @Itecswick   Minecraft for Education Professional Development Transcript of Episode

Differentiating Process: Making Sense of Our Thinking

image of cogs turning inside a circle representing a man's brain.   "Things are simple. Situations are clear. Hurdles are easy. It's our mind which makes it complex and complicated." - Anonymous . From advertisements to social media algorithms, the study of thinking plays an important role in our 21st century society. Research around thinking and how students process their thoughts or how they hold attention, store and retrieve memories, then select appropriate responses and actions (University of Cambridge, 2023). When considering how we can differentiate or vary the information processing part of learning, four thought perspectives emerge. The Differential Perspective . Even though children may possess intelligence and the ability to think, they don't always think the same way or in the same "logic". This "difference" in how they think and their logic of thinking forms the basis for this view. Based on the responses to a number of tasks and t

"Citizen Science, You, and Your Device!" - The Influential Parent Podcast ep. 17

  Are you looking for a way to use your (& your child's) device to CONTRIBUTE to the internet, not just consume content? (And no, we won't be telling you to make a TikTok video!) Dr. Ed Emmer, our local Science Superhero, joins us this week as we talk about Citizen Science and ways for you and your family to use your devices to contribute to scientific endeavors around the globe... from where ever you happen to be! You can reach Dr. Emmer by email at: Resources from our episode: CoCoRaHS  - "Citizen Scientists working together to measure precipitation across the nation!" NASA Globe Observer  - "A citizen science app allowing volunteers to take observations and contribute to the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) community!" Great Backyard Bird Count  - "Spend time in your favorite places watching birds - then tell us about them! In as little as 15 minutes notice the birds around you. Identify th

4 Podcasts That I'm Loving This Month

  If you're like me, you're learning to enjoy learning on the go. For a few years now, I've been building my library of podcast subscriptions. I listen, pause, and capture audio notes on my phone as I'm digesting the content. Below are a few podcasts that I have favored on my podcast platforms. I hope these serve as new additions to your professional learning library.  Cult of Pedagogy Podcast: Target Audience : Any Educator Average Listening Time : 20-30 mins. Former classroom teacher Jennifer Gonzalez has been discussing trends in education, instructional practices, and educational technology for 10 years. Many times accompanied by a guest educator expert, Gonzalez dives into conversations about practical takeaways. Her topics are applicable in any content area and focused on strong pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. When accessing the podcasts online, listeners have access to the written transcript. Bright Morning Podcast Target Audience : Inspiring Coa

Student Collaboration: Making Cooperative Learning a Success! (part 1 of 4)

Looking for ways to get kids working together in your classroom? Being able to collaborate effectively with others is an important skill for Future-ready Students. Group work can be complex and frustrating, but it can also become a game-changer for student engagement and differentiation! On her podcast “Cult of Pedagogy,” Jennifer Gonzalez identifies four areas where teachers may struggle  when implementing collaborative learning in their classrooms, and addresses ways in which teachers can think ahead and plan for those instances so small group/collaborative work can be successful. Those four areas are: Interpersonal conflicts interfere with productivity, Student contributions are uneven, Off-task behavior wastes time, and Student absences can throw everything off. Let’s begin with “interpersonal conflicts interfere with productivity.”  Before setting out on your collaborative learning (teaching) adventure, think about how you will group your students. Group Students Randomly!  After