Embrace the Fresh Start of a New Year!

 A new year brings new opportunities for growth and change, and can be a launchpad to reflect on ways you want to grow both personally and professionally. MobileMind has several helpful micro-courses to get you started on a new (and quick) learning journey!

Here's one example:

 Do you have a goal to get more out of your Google Drive?  MobileMind has a few micro-courses for you:

  • “Drive: Head in the Cloud” which will take you less than 10 minutes to complete, and you’ll come out with a brief overview of Google Drive.

  • “Drive: Alive in Drive” where you will learn how to convert any files you upload to the Google editing format

  • “Drive: TeamWork Makes the Dream Work” which helps you take collaboration to the next level!

  • “MM Minute: Search Chips in Drive” wherein you will learn to use Google Drive ‘search chips’ to refine your search when searching for a file in your drive.  Best of all, this course is predicted to take only 3-4 minutes!

MobileMind’s library of micro-courses, learning paths, and badges can help with other Google skills like:

Calendar 6 micro-courses, including embedding a calendar into your Google Site!

4 micro-courses, including "Creating Templates in GMail"

Classroom 13 micro-courses, including an explanation of the "To Do" and "Review" features, which is a great productivity tool for teachers and students!

...and many more! Once you have the basics down, try stretching yourself with a learning path such as “Google for Leaders” or even earning your Level 1 Google Certification!

"A New Year is a blank slate, make the most of it and create the life you want!"


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