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Nichole Porter is a Technology Integration Specialist for Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC. Her primary role in the district is to work collaboratively with the Technology Learning Coaches at various schools, coaching teachers to transform his or her teaching practices to prepare our students to be world-class learners. Not only does she focus her training on effective instructional uses in a 1:1 computing environment, she works with teachers to build personalized, blended models of instruction and Project Based Learning. Follow her on Twitter @NicholeMPorter

Chuck Holland is the Director of Instructional Technology in Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC. Chuck presents frequently on instructional uses of technology including 1:1 computing, Blended and Personalized Learning, Project Based Learning, Best Practices, Google Apps for Education, and other Google tools.​ Follow him on Twitter @ChuckHolland

Brian Heyward is a district Technology Integration Specialist for Richland Two. He holds certifications in Screencastify and Edgenuity. Brian is also a doctoral candidate in educational technology from the University of South Carolina. Brian started his educational career as a choral director and has served as a technology consultant for numerous professional music organizations in South Carolina. He has presented on using video creation and formation in the classroom and his research interests include improving student affect when using technology in the music classroom as well as content creation to drive student achievement.

Tasia King is a District Technology Integration Specialist for Richland School District Two. As a Google Certified Teacher, Tasia works closely with Technology and Learning Coaches in Richland Two schools. Building positive relationships between coaches and teachers, administration, and students is an area of focus for her. Tasia strives to be a leader of change, in the area of educational technology, by developing strategies and methods that take learning to the next level for students and teachers.

Amanda Blake is a Technology Integration Specialist for Richland 2. She has held several roles as an educator: mentor, coach, and classroom teacher, to name a few of her favorite roles! Amanda works with Technology and Learning Coaches across the district as they build the capacity of teachers in their schools in areas such as student engagement, assessment, meaningful integration of technology. Amanda also works with TLCs to grow in their practice of instructional coaching.  
P.S. Always tell Amanda what book you're reading, or what podcast you're listening to!


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