MobileMind: Beyond the R.U.P.


Many Richland 2 employees had a chance to play around with MobileMind during our August

in-service. The focus then was on learning about the district’s Responsible Use Procedures.

But MobileMind is so much more than that!

MobileMind is THE platform for any busy teacher who has a “need to know now” skills-based

question! Take a micro-course (usually less than 10 minutes) to learn…

  • how to force copy a document for each student (so they don’t type on your master copy); 

  • how to bring drawings / images into a Google Doc from Google Drawings;

  • how to set up templates in your GMail or Classroom to save time when typing commonly-used phrases; OR

  • how to use “Add-ons” to expedite turning a Google Doc into a Google Form

… just to name a few!

Not to mention:

  • Learning paths to help you “Master a Google App” like Google Drive or Google Earth

  • Badges to become a “Google Researcher” or a “Google Certified Educator!”

Teachers can explore all that MobileMind has to offer by signing in with their Richland 2 email

address. Check it out here: 

*Exciting Update for iPhone Users! MobileMind is now available in the App Store! 

Reach out to your TLC if you have any questions,
or want support in achieving your professional goals!


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