Teacher Spotlight: Alesha Love, RVHS

Here at BeyondIntegration we’ve been spending over a year sharing ideas for technology integration in Richland Two classrooms.  We also, however, want to honor and share the significant uses of technology we see teachers implement regularly.  We will begin sharing a series called Teacher Spotlights.  You can find all posts in the Teacher Spotlight series by clicking the tag on the right side of the blog.

Teacher: Alesha Love, high school math

School: Ridge View High School (where she graduated from as well!)

Showcase of technology integration use:

On the day before an assessment in Ms. Love’s foundations in Algebra class, Ms. Love worked to engage students in reflecting on their understanding of various learning objectives to be assessed and provide support for students who had gaps in their knowledge.

The app Ms. Love chose for this task was quizzizz.com.  This isn’t your average quiz site but rather a gamified version of questions to engage and assess student knowledge in a friendly but competitive way.  On the projected screen, the website displayed an ever changing leaderboard of students’ names as they worked their way through the math problems seated at their desks on chromebooks.  You could hear cheers and sighs as students completed a problem and watched for their name to rise to the top among their classmates.

Ms. Love made this quiz game an even more significant learning experience by continually circulating among students to check in, examine their written math work, and provide specific feedback to help correct mistakes students had made in their calculations.  In no way was this quiz replacing the role of Ms. Love in this classroom; it actually served to support her as a teacher as she identified which students needed her help most and what content needed the most significant review for the upcoming quiz.

Ms. Love achieved 100% engagement of her students in this end of the day math class! A student told me this was their first time using the app and all kids were able to get up and running on the platform in no time. Ms. Love was able to receive a report of each student’s progress at the end of the quiz game and support kids with real time feedback during the game, using the leaderboard to know which students needed the most help.

For more information on quizzizz, check out the following resources:


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