More tips for teacher to student feedback

Previously we shared some ideas for using Google Sheets and Orange Slice Docs rubric to make the process of giving feedback faster for teachers.  Today we are sharing some ways to provide feedback easily using two tools you may already have incorporated into your regular classroom practice.

Many teachers use Google Classroom to collect assignments from students.  It certainly helps teachers reduce the amount of papers they carry around and the commenting features within the Google apps makes giving students guidance in their working document very easy.  

Still, when you’re working with 30 students per class, the time it takes to open each student’s document and waiting for it to load can add up!  As a result, Google Classroom has released a grading panel that makes navigating through each kid’s document quicker for teachers and the included comment bank makes providing feedback to frequent mistakes a breeze.  Watch this tutorial for more information.

Google forms changed a lot of teachers’ lives when it first came out and using forms in combination with the Google Sheets add-on, Flubaroo, revolutionized formative assessment by automatically grading and emailing results to students.  

The new Google Forms has included an option to do this task all within the form (no more navigating to the google sheet and adding additional scripts!) and even has the added option of providing the teacher’s feedback to students on specific questions they miss.  Check it out in the tutorial below.



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