Keeping those devices working!

Integrating technology into your instruction offers lots of exciting opportunities for both teachers and students. Ensuring that all the students are prepared to learn with a working device is important for these lessons. Though the ultimate responsibility lies with the student to take care of their Chromebooks responsibly, teachers can help emphasize how best to handle the devices.
  • Teachers can model behaviors for students.  Students watch and look up to  teachers.  If teachers carry devices properly (closed with two hands), students will be more likely to follow suit.
  • Use a case, every time.  Students should be in the habit of moving around the school with their device in a case.  When students stick to the routine every time, accidents are less likely to happen.  When students leave the classroom with their devices to go to other classes, see the Technology and Learning Coach, or visit the library, require that they use a case.  
  • Engage students in a conversation about why it matters.  Spend time talking to students about why chromebook procedures are important.  When students understand the reasons behind the procedures, they will honor them.  
A little attention paid at the beginning of the year to ensure students understand why and how to properly handle their chromebook will pay off in the long run when it comes to keeping devices in the hands of students for learning.  And, just as important as telling students what to do is modeling those very actions ourselves.   


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