Global Collaboration Day - September 21st

Why is it important that our student see themselves as Citizens of the World rather than citizens of Columbia, SC?   On September 21st, students all over the world will engage in Global Collaboration Day.  The hope is that during this day:
  • Students will understand the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world;
  • Students can experience collaborative tools, resources, and projects that are available in today’s classrooms;
  • Teachers focus attention on the need for developing globally competent students and teachers throughout the world.
This blogpost will provide you some ideas on how to connect globally.  
First, check this website out for many resources that range from global digital citizenship to project examples.  To receive full access to a host of events and information, register here.
Classrooms on the East coast of the US can participate with  Here you will see a hashtag to use on social media and a link to a FlipGrid for students to share their thoughts individually or in groups.  There are many prompts about big ideas and small ideas where kids can have choice in what they talk about.
Want to participate but unable to do so on September 21st?  Or maybe you don’t want to be so official but you’d like to expose your students to the idea of global citizenship?  Consider hosting a mystery skype or following a class on Twitter of the same grade level as you but in a different country. Another option is to join Google+ Communities. I can suggest Connected Classrooms Workshop and Connected Classroom Community as two great communities who have educators seeking meaningful connections with other classes daily.

Using technology to show our students how big and diverse the world is can enhance any content area.  If you are interested in global collaboration in your classroom, contact your TLC.  Remember, collaboration can happen any day - not just on Global Collaboration Day.   


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