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Since its release in January 2022, we've seen numerous ways that WeVideo Classroom Editor has shown ways that it can support intrinsic motivation in our students. As we are looking to move beyond compliance to engagement in our classrooms, consider these 6 Intrinsic Motivators to Power up Your Teaching as written by Mike Anderson. Below, you’ll see a summary of the 6 Motivators, but you can access the entire article here. With access to the new WeVideo Classroom, teachers can utilize this tool, along with best practices, to power up student motivation.


We often hear students should have voice and choice, but I’d venture to include “informed” choices. These informed choices come about by students being aware of how they learn best, thus making the decision to demonstrate their learning in a way that works best for them. This could include product creation through the use of multimedia tools such as WeVideo.


Simply grouping students is not enough to foster true collaboration. Include roles and responsibilities for each group member to hold them accountable. Find ways to grow student cooperation and social skills throughout other areas of their classroom experience. Start small so that when working on larger group projects, they’ve built up the capacity to effectively contribute to a group.


Simply put, give them just enough to sweat a little bit, but still feel successful. Design opportunities for a differentiated approach to active learning and demonstration of knowledge. This is the area where many students find their purpose and passions that may lead them into their college or career pathways.


For elementary school students, hearing that these are the skills that they will need in their “real job” may not motivate them in your classroom. Consider what matters to them in their lives at the moment. Operate in relevance for your students. Build opportunities for them to create around these interests. Sharing their work where there is an impact will increase student investment in their creations.


It’s unrealistic to expect all things in the classroom to be fun, but we surely can try to make our

approach to providing content enjoyable for students. Be open to asking students how they enjoy

learning, and around what topics. What are some ways that you can include a little humor into their day?


Learning through investigation provides students the liberty to tap into their own interests.

As the instructional leader, you know the standards and objectives, and allow students to make

connections to things that they're passionate about.

Imagine what could be if we created a space where students could grow their intrinsic motivation.

Fortunately, with tools like WeVideo Classroom, we have a place to start. Regardless of the path

our students take, these motivators are something that we can all agree will drive powerful learning

for our students! 

In what ways does WeVideo Classroom support your students' motivation? 


Anderson, Mike. "6 Intrinsic Motivators to Power Up Your Teaching." ASCD Educational Leadership, December 2021, https://www.ascd.org/el/articles/6-intrinsic-motivators-to-power-up-your-teaching



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