Gearing Up for Asynchronous Learning Days


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Asynchronous learning days are approaching for our elementary students and teachers. Our district's Academics Division has created a self-paced course designed to help teachers get a firmer grasp of designing asynchronous work for their students. Rediscover the meaning of asynchronous learning, discuss the benefits and how it impacts student learning, and explore the various ways it can be effective in the core areas. This self-paced module was designed for you to experience asynchronous learning as a student would. The work is chunked into small pieces in order for you to engage with parts of it and reflect. It includes various resources for you to dig deeper into the content in a mode that suits you. In the end, you are able to reflect on how you are currently designing the work for your students and determine areas that you can refine to better meet the needs of all of your students. 

Go ahead - click on the link below and learn some more about designing that asynchronous learning that will engage and motivate your students.

Gearing Up for Asynchronous Learning


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