I love❤ these two new features in Google Drive, the new Priority homepage and Workspaces. Google is always adding things to increase your productivity.  I am always accessing the same files over and over again, so much so, I have bookmarked them. Unfortunately, the more I bookmark file the less screen real-estate I have in my Bookmark bar.  In swoops Google Priority homepage and Workspaces to the rescue.

Through machine learning, Google will list files on a new Priority homepage.  The files listed are presented in a carousel and the files presented here on the Priority homepage are files that have been recently edited, commented on or have had a share request.  You will see a preview of the file and what action has taken place on that file. This saves time on searching and locating files that are used by you in your My Drive or a Shared Drive you are a member of for quick access.

Google Priority is great but Workspaces is even better.  Drive will automatically suggest Workspaces to group files you access frequently.  You can also create your own Workspaces to easily group files you access around a related topic, like PD presentations, curriculum-related materials for class or weekly meeting agendas for quick access.  Whatever the need is you can create a Workspace to group those files for quick retrieval. 

Give these two new features, Priority homepage and Workspaces in Google Drive a whirl.  Now in a meeting, I can quickly locate a file and not have to weed through a search or navigate through a bunch of folders to find a file with the information I need.  Googles Priority homepage and Workspaces has saved me time and screen real-estate and for sure. To learn more click here Work smarter with the new Priority page in Drive.


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