Google Keep Can Keep You Organized

Have you ever needed to take notes or create a list quickly?  If the answer is YES!, then Google Keep is the tool for you and your Student  Google Keep allows you to take notes on the fly from any device with the app or internet access.  Haha, did you get the pun “fly?” It is supported on every platform, IOS, MAC, Android, Chromebooks, and Windows.  Keep is integrated into the sidebar and Tools menu of Docs, Sheet, and Slides. Notes you create on your cell phone can be accessed on your computer or any other device that has the Keep app. You can even create a note by recording your voice.  Also, you can color-code notes, create categories for your notes, add an image, take pictures, create a drawing, create a checklist, assign a reminder date and the best is you can share them with others, brilliant!

Google Keep is an excellent AVID organization tool for your students as well.  Students can keep vocabulary and spelling lists handy for review on cellular devices.  By clicking the Keep icon in the sidebar of Docs, Sheets, and Slides, students can create Keep notes that contain links to items you shared with them in class in Google Keep.  This provides easy access to these resources from a cell phone. So while they are on the activity bus to a game or downtime at practice, they can be reviewing classwork or studying for a test.  Students can snap a picture of one of your slides, annotate with the draw feature of Keep right on the picture. Students can take notes for class and color code notes by subject and even share notes with a student that might have been absent of for peer review. A group of students collaborating on a project can manage a project checklist. Keep notes can be shared with others so when one student completes a task on the list the other students see that the task has been checked as complete. Keep is a great place for students to store journals.  When they are out and see something that inspires them they can snap a picture and journal about it. Google Keep facilitates good organizational habits for students on the go.

Give it a try, it is worth the time to learn Google Keep and introduce your students to this tool that can help them stay organized. Click on this link to learn more


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