Let's Talk Digital Procedures!

Image result for welcomeIn a time-honored “beginning of the year tradition,” teachers are going to start the year off going over classroom rules, procedures, and expectations for the year. They will cover everything from bathroom passes, sharpening pencils, turning in assignments, entering and exiting the classroom along with many other expectations.  How much time will classroom teachers spend talking about their digital expectations for students?

With schools moving to a 1:1 environment and more and more students showing up with cell phones, it is time to spend just as much time on students' online behavior as you do on their physical actions.  As the teacher, you establish the culture of your classroom with high expectations for student behavior and student to student interactions, both online and face-to-face.  

Because accessing devices for learning is an integral part of teaching and learning in Richland 2, it is important that conversations about behavior and consequences happen between the classroom teacher and the students.   The teacher sets the culture of high expectations with their classroom for student behavior and student to student interactions, both online and face-to-face. If you take the time to address digital expectations at the beginning of the year and continue to reinforce these expectations throughout the year, you are setting the stage for a more successful year in the classroom.

The Richland Two Technology Integration Specialist Team has created videos specifically for elementary, middle, and high school students with the goal of communicating the expectations of the Responsible Use Procedures.  The videos explain the RUP in an age-appropriate way and provide teachers with prompts for classroom discussions. We hope these resources can help classroom teachers with setting expectations for how students use and interact with digital resources.

Check out the resources for your level here:


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