SC Midlands Summit

We are excited about this year's SC Midlands Summit lineup. This year we have 2 new featured speakers and 2 returning featured speakers. Here is a peek at their topics they will focus on at the Summit, June 12-13th. There is something for you...

Tom Murray

Tom Murray,

  • Learning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow's Schools, Today
  • Leading with Purpose
  • From Research to Practice, How to Create the Learning Spaces Kids Need
  • Tech Tools for Student Engagement and Teacher Effectiveness

Robert Corbin

Robert Corbin

Keynote Speaker from Discovery Education - STEM and STEAM Focus

Eric Curts

Eric Curts

  • Google Tools for Art and Music Education
  • Google Tools for Struggling Students
  • Holy Sheets! Google Sheets activities for all Subjects
  • 360 Degree Learning with Google Tour Creator
  • Googley Activities for Primary Students
  • Awesome Google Drawings in your Classrooms

Beth Holland

  • The Pen is NOT Mightier than the Keyboard: Strategies to Embrace & Scaffold Digital
  • Rapid Prototyping & Reality TV - 4 Learning Design Challenges based on 4 Reality Shows
  • Wicked Tools for Wicked Problems: Using Improvement Science to Lead Innovation

Now, these are just our featured speakers. We have over 120 sessions lined up already with plenty of topics to choose from, such as PBL, Gamification in the Classroom, Digital Resources for all subjects, blended learning, using videos to make learning visible, STEAM, VR/AR and even improving coaching/professional development skills... So many topics to choose from this year! 

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