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2017 Richland Two Film Festival

What is the Film Festival?
Each year, Richland Two provides a unique opportunity for students and district staff to share their story through video creation. We are excited to be in our 5th year and know this will be a bigger event this year. Our window of opportunity began on November 6th, where students can begin finding a school sponsor, complete the interest form and turn in permission slips. There are opportunities for every person in the district to enter, from Pre-K students to District employees.
The suggested categories to enter a film are as follows…
  • Educational (PSA, informative, or news cast) - If you created a video for school and it fits our requirements, enter the video.
  • Music Video - The music must be original.  
  • Animation/Claymation
  • Storytelling (personal narrative)
  • Short film (documentary or drama)
  • Other
So, what are the benefits of creating videos?
I recently walked into a high school classroom where students were beginning the process of video creation. Their storyline was the same for all groups, reproduce a recent novel into a movie, but they were able to make some minor modifications to the plot, character, setting and story components to make it their own rendition. I felt some awesome energy coming from the students as they were collaboratively writing their scripts and planning for their videos. They were communicating to one another, building off of one another’s ideas, pulling in some “hidden” talents of their peers as they began to talk about the setting they would develop for their 6 minute video. When you think about the entire process of creating a video, developing a goal/idea, writing a script, determining the style of the video, storyboard both the scene and script, produce and edit a video...the skills students use is shocking. Yes, it takes time, but the rigor in their own learning and the grit/perseverance it takes to complete the process is awarding. Believe me when I tell you the excitement I felt and heard in this classroom versus other classrooms I visited, it would make you want to jump into this adventure too.
I am proud of the work the students put into their videos last year. Take a moment to click on the link to see last year's winning videos… 2017 Film Festival Winners

If you are a Richland Two Employee or student, here is some information you need to know. There are opportunities for every person in the district to enter…
Grade Level Submissions
Grades Prek-2nd
Grades 3rd-5th
Grades 6th-8th  
Grades 9th-12th
All District Staff
There is a prize for Best in Show for both elementary and secondary, and one prize for each grade category. District staff are not eligible for Best in Show.

Timeline of Events
NOV 6,
DEC 1,
JAN 19,

For more information, visit our website… R2 Film Festival Blog

Tell your students about the Film Festival today. Give them an opportunity to create an original works to tell their own story.


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