Team Building with Breakout EDU

The 4Cs are a topic of frequent discussion among teachers - how can we incorporate them into our classrooms?  Why are they important for our students?  How can we build and assess our kids on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication?  


We have introduced Breakout Edu in our district a few times this year already and each time the excitement of challenging these groups gets better and better. Now, we have had the boxes in the district for a year now, but it was not until this year that our Technology Learning Coaches are bringing into faculty meetings and classrooms more and more. Teachers are experiencing the value of this activity in the classroom, where students will develop interpersonal skills and perseverance, as well as the 4C’s.


So, what is Breakout EDU?
Puzzles are created for groups to decipher, these clues leading to another that will unlock the box within a specific amount of time.There are several age ranges to choose from: early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, even adult. With over 350 games, an educator has plenty of options to choose from that relate to every content area, grade level, and group size. However, it is up to educators to make it meaningful in our own classrooms. Breakout EDU is fun, adaptable and develops essential skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. You could use Breakout Edu to launch a new unit, review a topic, build inquiry or critical thinking skills or work on team building.


Suggestions for getting started
  • You will need a password to gain access into the game instruction. (Work in Richland Two - contact your TLC for the password.)
  • Search through the various games and determine which one best fits your content or end goal.
  • Watch the game video, create the clues/puzzles, change the lock combinations and lock up the box.
  • Debrief/reflect on the learning activity with your students after they are finished. Breakout EDU has reflection cards as a tool for you to use.
For more information about Breakout Edu, learn the different games and to purchase a kit

OR try the free digital version All you need is a computer, but it uses the same skills as the physical box and locks.

Consider joining the Breakout EDU group on facebook for new ideas or subject specific discussions.

Link to Youtube videos


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